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  President Trump Says Press is Making Obama Care Look So Good  CSPAN  March 13, 2017 6:05pm-6:43pm EDT

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>> are you encouraging lawmakers to disregard this report? commentll have further and talk about the entire plan patients,pting to get families, and doctors in charge of health care. upthey're going to wake tomorrow and see a headline of people losing coverage. prison spokeday,
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about the affordable care act. this is 30 minutes. >> thank you for being here today. it is a great honor. was an enormous strain imposed on you by the very failed and failing obamacare law. secretary price and a lot of people in the senate and house
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are committed to repealing and replacing this disastrous law with a health care plan that lowers cost, expense to us, and increases access for everyone. millions of americans have seen the obamacare premiums increase in the rates were over 116%. increase in the deductibles are so high that you do not even get to use it. many lost their doctors altogether. one third of the counties only have one insurer left. the insurance companies are leaving. they are gone. yourwill provide you and calls citizens with more choices andar more choices --
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you'll be able to pick the plan you want, the doctor you want, do a lot of things that the other plan was supposed to give. you don't take your doctor and you don't think your plan. we are not going to have one size all. marketplace tohe compete with business and you have a lot of choices. plans that nobody ever thought about. competition and less regulation to finally bring down the cost of care significantly. you will have to let the marketplace kick in.
6:09 pm a real i wish it didn't take a year or two. we are working to get this job done. i'm saying this just to close. making obamacare look so good. this one covers. few people and it is imploding. i said it once and i will say it again. things are going to be bad here for the people with obamacare. people are going to see this
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devastating effect. whether we do it or not, it will be imploded. the press makes it look so wonderful and everyone will say, "remember how wonderful obamacare was?" it is a little bit like president obama. when he left, people like him. when he was here, people didn't like him so much. the way life goes. obamacare,g everybody says it used to be great. it was not great. ryanl tom price and paul that the best thing you can do is to wait a year.
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itself off to blow of the map. that is the wrong thing to do for the country and the wrong thing to do for our citizens. with that, i'd like to take some questions and the press may even reported. >> the rates are three times with they were and we have one provider in the county. very little options for what we can and cannot do. we are a small business owner. we cannot afford our equipment and our food source is in jeopardy because of this health care law. trump: it is ok. this is what is happening. it has gone up.
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if you don't want to use it, you have to pay. you have to pay big-league. if you don't use it, you have to pay a penalty. do you ever have to pay penalties? >> we have not. we were uninsured. they dropped us after we paid $50,000 for health care. trump: it has gone up triple. before obamacare, you had good health care. nobody ever takes that into account. millions of people had great health care that they loved. when you reduce them from the people who are happy, you have a small number of people who are happy. how about you? >> i left a job to be a stay-at-home mom to two
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children. getver had a choice to government assistance. they said that i could pay for private insurance for a family of fear -- a family of four. the private insurance went up me% and his employer told that they could not carry our family anymore and i had to enter back into the workforce. andntered under obamacare we believed that, if we like our doctor, we could keep them. we were on it for five months and my doctor would not take it. we paid the thousand dollars and we were never able to use it. what made our family is so
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$53,000s that we made madefamily together and we $74,000. you look at the premiums and health costs and it has been rough. trump: it has been a rough road. how do you feel now? >> we are so happy to see it gone. put businesses in financial ruin and it has been disastrous for businesses. >> mr. president, thanks you. mrs. a great opportunity to tell the people about the struggle with the health care law. i am from miami and i have not
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, butuch time to prepare the president of the united states called and i am here. every year for the past couple of years, i have had a different insurance. attorney and i am a small business owner. i just don't understand what happened. we have a daughter with disability and we changed our plan every year. trump: many many plans were great and they were so happy. that doesn't justify the plans before, but people are miserable and they are in the poor house.
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plants andceled the i couldn't understand why they canceled the plants. i remember the president of the united states saying that individual plans will not pick covered and that you need to have an employer-based plan. ground-zero. >> you represents a lot of people in those situations. unfair andis very the scenario is that this law and theysed to implode know what socialism is all about. i know it socialism is.
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trump: it is so expensive that it almost isn't socialism, when you think about it, because you have to pay so much. plan three times during the obamacare era. after this last year, i decided to opt out. i went for my pretty much year deductible of $6,800. i would be paying out of my pocket and it just didn't seem like good use of my money. i thought i would be a better steward of my money and i went into a program and i am doing
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that. i will opt out of traditional health care and i think you'll get this done. >> are there a lot of people paying a big penalty? >> yes. there are some who can't afford to offer insurance to employees in the independent market and it is just getting too much. i have had individual insurance for 25 years, since the start of my business. i have done what was right and i have taken responsibility for myself because i am a business
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person and i don't want this to affect the money that could go to my business and i was in my -- -20's and at least 116%. the press is going to say how wonderful this was. latestproblem right here. >> mr. president, thank you. -- rk for when the affordable care act 13 congress, i was working for the democratic national committee and i resigned my position
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because i could tell that the democratic bill wanted to it isly fund abortion and not something i could go along with. to work for an foundation that focuses on ill building a culture of life and i am an african american graduate. thank you, mr. president. all of ouraid that human and civil rights that we housing, allcans, of those things, it is all illusory, if the right to life is not defended with maximum determination. i support you in the
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presidential election and gave to vote fort said you. i believe that there should be no taxpayer funding of abortion and i support your effort that the human person should be at the center of our health care system. not the government. thank you. >> great job. me.hank you for inviting we look forward to hosting you. yes, sir. we have large community events it is tennessee and really a grassroots effort which is something you understand
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better than anybody. that is what we do. the one thing i have seen across tennessee is that people cannot afford the rise in premiums and this is cheaper and works out better than paying for the insurance. it is a big problem that we're seeing across the state. thank you for what you are doing. >> the way out of the problem is that we want to get done. we will get that done without penalties. three-phase plan. have the second phase, which is done by the secretary and the
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third phase is the elves and the whistles. they don't want to talk about the bells and the whistles. we have to do this because of congress. if you do it that way, a can't get done. i appreciate it. you.ank industry andarming my wife and my daughter have their insurance supplied by their work and i buy my own. it dropped $5,000 a year just for me. i have considered taking the option of the penalty.
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i am a healthy man. , not onlythat option is my income penalized, but the income of my wife. fair andhink that is the rate increase is astronomical. have a 500 and $40 a month and i have to pay a higher premium for a plan i don't need or want. day and therevery are 35 counties in tennessee that have no option run now. i don't know what those folks
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do. >> some of them are going to make a lot of money. you are going to make. they are going to make. >> there are people who are happy about that situation. texas. a physician in thank you for allowing me to be here. many are not adequately covered by obamacare. there is a rise in premiums and they find that they are responsible and the deductible is so high. this is a situation that cannot continue. doesn't coversion folks. medicalo have chronic
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,llnesses, like breast cancers most of the treatment was as an outpatient and most physicians don't except medicaid. the medicaid expansion hasn't covered them. they are still paying extremely high premiums and -- >> they don't even reach it. they don't even reach their deductibles and it is unfortunate. bill that read the has been produced and is coming out of the house and i really like a lot of the changes. i think it will correct a lot of the issues that obamacare has had. i really appreciate that.
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>> i am from wisconsin and i am a nurse and a mom. i am part of a huge group of middle-class families that were impacted. we had insurance that was canceled and i had written a letter to our senator that asked jobif i should quit my completely, a job that i love at a hospital that i love, or do i and try to find a job? youp: the obamacare forced ,- in a sense, forces you economically, almost potentially
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-- to get another job. up and myce came small children are minor and one priority. the aca, i was forced, because i could not afford the premiums and deductibles that did not cover anything -- from: the deductible was so high that you couldn't use it, unless you had a really big problem. trial -- a child who is sick, it is going to cost. my daughter had a fever and i had to work and i couldn't afford to bring her to the doctor. it has been devastating for our family.
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trump: it is not really having insurance at all. you really don't have insurance, if you think about it. all right. thank you very much. good luck. somethingo start with . my 11-year-old said that he wanted me to give this to mr. president. i don't want to get in trouble. president trump, it is a great honor to write to the president. also, the picture on the front of this does not look like you. trump: i wish i looked that good. ofi had the privilege
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meeting with price and pants and i will share with you what i shared with them. ronald reagan said the most terrifying words in the english language are, " i started my company 21 years ago and had a vision of providing 100% full family health care because i felt in my heart it was the right thing to do. i was one of the last hold outs but after 15 years, i had a choice of having a company or providing my employees that level of health care and that's sad. i tell my wife, you can have everything you want but we can't have everything we want. we have the best health care system in the world but it needs to be fixed. with small business owners like myself, i'm a manufacturer, what we would like to see is not a
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government-operated market but a free market. i sold capital equipment for a living. we have a trade show and there are hundreds of people selling competitive products. if we had a health care and as a businessman your self, it drives down costs or lack thereof. we would like to see more of a free market sluge going back to what made this great. work ethics instead of welfare and that's what we would like to ask you for. president trump: we have to take care of people that can't afford to be in a position like you are. we are going to do that. if you look at what is going to happen in competitive bidding, every element is what we are oing is competitive bidding.
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>> they are marketing food stamps and for the people who can't provide for themselves. we are charitable and most generous nation on the face of the earth. i totally believe in safety nets and not free handouts. president trump: we are going to be free market people. go ahead, stan. >> i'm the only other elected official here because of you guys. it has been an interesting ride to watch the health care system in the last 26 years. my son was born premature and we have good insurance and didn't have to pay anything out of pocket besides from what we were doing. from time went on, the health care system has been a little bit broke and a.c.a. and i'm not
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going call the last president's health care program and not going to say that name. president trump: you like him a lot? [laughter] >> it's got to the point where i own a couple of businesses, too. i actually ran for government so i could have insurance and won. but now i'm looking at these people saying how can i provide insurance for them without raising taxes. you talk about expanding medicaid and we weren't a part of that and see what happened with states. so it got to the point where i ended up not only with my businesses to drive school bus to keep my wife at home with my kid who was ill. now i have three businesses and i'm an elected official.
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the last three years -- president trump: gone through the roof. >> i have a $6,000 deductible and meet that again in three months. to be able to meet my out of pocket. i will meet that. and one thing i could probably ask you about that and my boy has a rare disease. if somebody has cancer or someone has a rare disease or continues to have problems, why do we have to deal with a deductible every year? my deductible has been met in six months and turn around again for the same disease for the same medicine. president trump: could you answer that? secretary secretary it's about
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the risk. it is a challenge with people with chronic disease. >> talking about zpwrass roots and talking about the people we support with the farmers and ranchers and small business people and the people that are in manufacturing, our county is one of the largest manufacturing counties in the nation per capita. and we would love to tell you thanks for everything you have been doing. president trump: it's going to get better. >> we used to make the shuttle, rocket boosters. president trump: jobs are coming back. >> and friend is going up in a little bit and headed up on a space ship from russia and would love to come back to the united states. all those jobs will come back with you. president trump: he is a big believer in what you are saying.
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>> we can find you wall hanging fruit, and let us know where we can help. president trump: would you have anything to say? secretary secretary really powerful about the consequences of the current law and hear people's lives that you don't think about it as it relates to health care, businesses haven't been able to survive or individuals who have to take three, four jobs. this is about real people. it's about real patients. working with you and your leadership, we are excited about the opportunity toll put in place the patient-centered system where patients, families and doctors are making decisions. president trump: what about the concept that obamacare is imploding and we don't do anything, the insurance companies are fleing.
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but now it seems to be getting this wonderful press likes a wonderful thing and getting worse and 2017 will be the worst year. a lot of things were put into 12017. 2018 will be worse. it has essentially gone. how do you respond to that? why don't we wait and let it implode. it's not an option but certainly an option. how do you respond that secretary secretary we utilize the regulatory process. president trump: what happens with obamacare. secretary secretary magnification of these stories, more businesses being harmed and more individuals not having the kind of income. more moms and dads not able to care for their kids, more people getting insurance but no care.
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this is about real people's lives. president trump: because the deductibles are so high. they are paying a fortune for insurance and unless they have a tragedy, they are never going to be able to use it. secretary secretary $13,000 before he has to pay. that's not like having insurance. [inaudible] president trump: mr. vice president, do you have anything to say? vice-president pence: i think what these americans are seeing it puts people over politics. and i just want to thank all of them for coming and in front of the national media talking about the real world impacts of obamacare. you said it consistently over the last two years that obamacare has failed. and these people show that the americans that obamacare has failed and grateful for their
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time and so grateful for your compassionate leadership in driving the congress and driving our nation towards better outcomes and better solutions built on those american principles of more consumer choices, more free market and caring for the most vulnerable by allowing our states to innovate in medicaid in ways that will create a better health care coverage than they have today. president trump: thank you everybody. [inaudible] president trump: it will get better. it will allow to do what we want it to do. much better. [indiscernible conversation]
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> anyone working at any hedge fund who is involved in short-term trading, meaning every day they are coming in and trading stocks, all of these people want edge. hey want edge.
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make it much harder for insider trading. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> tonight on "the communicators"," michael powell talks about major issues facing the industry and what we might see from the new f.c.c. chair. mr. powell is interviewed by lydia a reporter for bloomberg. >> can you speak more specifically about the opportunities and what this change in leadership from democrats to republicans. what does that mean? >> he is a visionary and focused
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on the concept we have heard for many years about the understanding breakneck speed. it's a huge amount of utility. by the time it's over, it has shifted radically and agencies don't have the luxury.